Who am I?

I understand the movement of energy within the body.  How emotion is stored in the body; how our thoughts create our current reality, and how our reality can change when we change our thoughts.  I understand the frustrations of change.  We all have deeply etched samskaras, patterns, habits that hinder our movement, our posture, our thought process.   I understand we are constantly in a state of change.  Let me assist you in embracing a more healthful and fulfilling life.


I grew up in England, and in the spirit of spontaneity, I took a sabbatical to Central America. I decided to come to Canada instead of going home.  I arrived at Vancouver Airport with $80 and a little book full of fellow travellers’ telephone numbers.  A kind soul offered me an empty basement suite for a couple of months. Within three days of arriving I had a job.  And, so began my wonderful Canadian Life.  

I have practiced yoga for many years, originating with a Hatha practice in my late teens.  I discovered Kundalini Yoga in 2000, and in 2003 I commenced my first 200 hour teacher training.  I had not planned to become a teacher, I just wanted to deepen my practice, I was too shy to teach.  With yoga, however, I found my voice, I found something I loved doing, my confidence soared as I began to teach.  I followed my first teacher training with a Hot yoga, and a then Yin Yoga teacher training.  By the time I came to Yin my body had been slowed down, several downhill mountain bike accidents, a couple of hits from cars, and a bus, whilst riding my bike around Vancouver, a terrible car accident, and a fall downstairs. 

My practice had to slow and this was reflected in my teaching style.  My twisted, and broken body introduced me to a decade of pain management.  Thanks to Bernie Clarke's teaching style and his immense knowledge of anatomy, my new teaching style was supported and my next teaching chapter began.

I have completed 500 hours of  Yoga Therapy Teacher training, recognized by Yoga Alliance as Wellness Yoga.  The International Association of Yoga Therapist designation is for 1000 hours teacher training to become a Yoga Therapist.  I am working with Maggie Reagh, Yoga Therapist Teacher, and Neil Pearson, a physiotherapist who has been hired by Doctors of British Columbia to develop and implement their post-licensure clinical pain management education.   

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who are you?

You are ready for change.  You are willing to go the distance to take possession of  fulfilling your potential.

You wont balk at the challenges you will face as you take ownership of reclaiming your body, you mind and your spirit.

You are committed to do your practice, to transition from where you are now to where you want to be.

You are willing to celebrate your triumphs, and acknowledge any failure as merely a practice attempt at success; a lesson in what works and what does not.

You are willing to work together shaping the sessions to fit your needs and speak up when something is not working for you.

You are ready to soar to the lofty heights of living your bliss!