Aqua Yoga

Monday 8am, Wednesday 8am,  friday  8am

I teach an Aqua yoga class, adapting traditional Hathe yoga poses to a water environment.  Water helps the muscles work harder and allows joints to be supported increasing strength and flexibility.  The supportive nature of Aqua yoga makes it ideal for all ages and fitness levels, as well as benefiting those who cannot enjoy participating in regular yoga due to past injuries.  This is a pre-registered class.


Drop In Yoga

Tuesday 9:15am, Thursday 9:15am & 5:30pm

This is a practice of balance and harmony in your body. The balance of effort and ease, the harmony of strength and flexibility as you develop awareness within your body and you learn the benefits of alignment.  As with all of my classes, you’ll have assistance of props, and modifications of familiar postures to maintain an alignment in the postures that works for you.  This class is open to all levels.


Restorative Hatha Yoga

Tuesday 10:30am

In Gentle Restorative Hathe you get to move through postures, coaxing strength and flexibility from your body, and developing awareness within your body as you learn the benefits of alignment and mindfulness.  You’ll have assistance of chairs, the wall and other yoga props.  The modifications of familiar postures are for each individual allowing a somewhat personalized practice to maintain an alignment in the postures that works for you.


Men's Yoga

Monday 5:30pm, Thursday 6:45pm

I have been teaching a Men’s Yoga class for almost a decade.  It is a fusion of different yoga styles. You get to work on the core muscles to create strength.  You’ll stretch out the tension in you neck, shoulders and back.   And you’ll release the tightness in the hips and hamstrings.  This class is geared towards the modifications in postures that mens body’s often require.  








For reservations or information at the Rec Centre 

Powell River Recreation Complex

5001 Joyce Avenue

Powell River, BC  V8A 5R2