As a yoga teacher, Kelly creates a space that encourages self-compassion while motivating breaking through self-imposed limitations. Her classes are a safe place to explore the depths of the soul.
— Claudia, BC

Kelly put together a mens class, a hybrid session for us guys made up of Kundalini, Hatha and Yin. It was pretty funny after seeing the graceful flexibility of the women to be with a bunch of wheezing inflexible guys, struggling in a most ungainly fashion, to contort ourselves into these fiendish forms of self humiliation. It was all very light hearted and supportive; most of all it was fun and fulfilling. For most of us, it is a peaceful, healthy interlude in an otherwise hectic week.
Over the years, we have become more flexible and worked our way through all sorts of injuries and misfortunes (not caused by our practice!). Throughout our time there, Kelly has put an extraordinary level of love care and attention into our sessions which she has created, evolved and adapted specifically for us.
— David, BC

Kelly is a wonderfull and very present teacher. She is connected and you can fell that she is passionate by what she is teaching! You will feel like never before about yourself and feel confident and love!
— Annie, BC

I was apprehensive to start doing yoga because I was suffering from a number of injuries and didn’t think I would be able to do any of the poses. My friend suggested that I try yoga with Kelly and I loved it right off the bat! She was aware of all of my injuries and modified the poses for me so that I could get the most out of my yoga experience. On top of that, she is extremely friendly and personable and which makes her easy to talk to and a joy to be around. Kelly is an amazing teacher and has inspired me to practice yoga several times a week. Thank you Kelly for your help and inspiration!
— Farzan, BC

I notice that I always feel uplifted after a class conducted by Kelly – her cheerful personality keeps one trying hard through the difficult poses. She has excellent pacing and very carefully demonstrates the correct form of the posture and gently and with humour encourages us when we are slacking. I urge you to try one of her classes, you will be very happy and feel great!
— Helen, BC

My yoga practice with Kelly has been a continually growing experience both spiritually and physically. Yoga brings me peace, harmony, joy and gives me strength, resilience and courage to take on challenges that life presents us all with. Kelly is an inspiration and she connects with people so naturally and easily. She created a compassionate environment for us all to practice no matter what levels we are at. She is warm, patient, encouraging and with a great sense of humour. I truly enjoyed her classes and strive to make to it any chance I can. I feel so blessed to have Kelly as my yoga teacher and hope to continue this journey with her for a long time to come.
— JJ, BC

Down Facing Dog will forever be my Kelly time. When I do them now, they are not nearly what they were for me before your inspirational and perfect instruction. I am forever grateful
— Sandra, BC

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— Nicola, Colombia